PURE CABIN is a high-quality coating with proven long-lasting antimicrobial effect. The colourless, subsequently applied coating permanently closes hygiene gaps.

The antimicrobial surface coating is thus an effective and safe solution for frequently touched surfaces and significantly reduces the risk of pathogen transmission through inanimate surfaces.

Container sizes
50ml (Sample), 750ml, 5L, 10L, 1000L

PURE CABIN Antimicrobial Coating

365 DAYS

Typical areas of application are hygiene-sensitive surfaces in clinics, doctors’ surgeries, care facilities, offices, in the food industry, in aircraft cabins or other rooms where many people spend time. There, different surfaces such as tables, handles, knobs, handrails, keyboards, housings and appliances are coated. It lasts on glass, stainless steel, aluminium, textiles and various plastics for up to 1 year.

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The product is uncomplicated to use as it does not carry any warning symbols. The surface coating also scores in terms of sustainability, as the formula contains 100 % natural ingredients and water and is completely biodegradable. PURE CABIN is suitable for all surfaces.

PURE CABIN Antimicrobial Coating Canister
  • Up to 99.99 % reduction of bacteria, viruses and fungi, prevents their growth
  • Permanently closes the hygiene gaps between the cleaning and disinfection cycles
  • Permanent & long-lasting effect:
    Duration of effect: up to 1 year
  • Can be applied afterwards
  • Effective in dry and wet areas
  • Environmentally friendly: avoidance of biocides and nanoparticles
  • Risk of pathogen transmission is significantly reduced
  • For all materials
  • Tested effectiveness according to
    ISO 22196:2011 & ISO 21702:2019
  • Certified to aviation standards: BSS7434 & AMS 1453A

3 steps


The surface to be treated must be dry, free of grease and dust. Use a commercially available cleaning agent for this purpose.


Spray PURE CABIN directly onto the surface, or apply with a suitable microfiber cloth.


Allow coating to dry at room temperature. Surface can be reused immediately after drying.

At a glance

PURE CABIN is a high-quality, retro-applied, antimicrobial surface coating that closes hygiene gaps for up to one year and is an effective solution for frequently touched surfaces of all kinds. It reduces up to 99.99 % of all bacteria, fungi and special viruses and has a SARS-CoV-2 preventive effect.

PURE CABIN Coating has been dermatologically tested, has proven efficacy to ISO 22196:2011 & ISO 21702:2019 and is certified to aviation standards: BSS7434 & AMS 1453A.

PURE CABIN is applied in 3 steps:

  1. Preparation
  2. Application
  3. Curing

In addition to the coating, PURE CABIN can be mixed as an additive into numerous products, for example technical laminates, composites, paints, etc., in order to provide them with an antimicrobial finish. Contact us for more information.